Last weekend was a big one in NY (for skateboarders that is)
We were blessed with not one, but three events back to back.
On friday was 5 BORO's 10th anniversary party. I attempted to go, but there was a line around the block, and that would take away from my precious drinking time sooooo, unfortunately, I bounced.
But thats okay! Because there was plenty more plankboarding fun to be had.
First up on saturday we had the annual "Back to the Banks" contest at the Brooklyn Banks. Much shredding was had, and massive amounts of people were there to make sure it was difficult to see anything go down. Lucky we had plenty of good filmers there to cover. Now I can watch it without some kids big ass afro in the way.

Next day it was a skate celebrity fest down at the manhattan bridge park, where Pros from all over came out to try the chance at a couple thousand dollars, just for balancing on two wheels real good. Yes, "Manny Mania". Thats what they call it. Once again, thanks to the filmers I can actually watch the contest. Because when I was there, once again, couldn't see shit.
I can't wait for skating to be "not cool" again so I can actually enjoy these events.
Anyway ...

-Jonasty -NYC

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