ABOUT 100xbetter
100xbetter is a design/build studio located in Downtown Los Angeles since 1999. They combine CNC manufacturing technology with high quality materials and a minimalist sensibility. Specializing in hand crafted furniture and custom environments, their attention to detail is unique. With design that optimizes function while maintaining simplicity, 100xbetter is the solution for any client looking to create a future in their space. They also build robots.


FORD&CHING is a comprehensive representation company specializing in the marketing and sale of emerging and innovative design. F&C expands on the traditional showroom model by creating an interface between emerging design, end users, people who specify, and people who love design. F&C hosts quarterly events in the historical KIM SING THEATRE in Chinatown, Los Angeles to encourage and engage the design community by increasing awareness of products, trends and creativity. F&C also maintains a private sample warehouse and sales office in Oakland, California.

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