GOJA Gallery Cafe
soft opening group exhibition
“PAINTBOX Vol.1 & Vol.2”

In the heart of Bangkok, GOJA Gallery Cafe is located 5 minutes walk from BTS Phrakanong station.

The soft opening group exhibition “Paintbox” will include two parts with over 15 artists from all over the world.

Volume 1 starts from 31st January to 2nd March which will feature Japan’s finest graphic artists such as “Tadaomi Shibuya”, “Sadam Yoshizawa”, “Hiroya Asari”, Thai’s #1 painter “Alex Face”, and french photographer “Ben Lorph”.

Volume 2 starts from 8th March to 6th April which will feature “Maharo”, “Kimgym” from Japan, and fool’s gold’s designer “Dust La Rock” from New York. More infos written below.

GOJA Gallery Cafe
Soft Opening Group Exhibition

Title : “Paintbox Vol.1”
Date : 31 Jan - 2 Mar


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