「Dan Da Barbarian」 by SANTA INOUE

「TOKYO TRIBE」「隣人13号」でお馴染みの井上三太が 現代男子の本能に問う!! 愛と性のサバイバルアドベンチャー!!!

今回の「ダン・ダ・バーバリアン」第1巻と「TOKYO TRIBE3」第4巻の発売を記念して4月には渋谷、5月には名古屋にてサイン会を開催予定。

2/24(木)発売 ¥620(税込)
発行:幻冬舎コミックス 発売:幻冬舎

vimeo: http://vimeo.com/20093179

■「Dan Da Barbarian」
A man named "Dan" is very popular with women in the primitive age which only strong and good hunter reigns over. He has a family but behave so freely on his instinct. On there, Shibuya's gal Bu-mi and gal-o Gajiru transported to this primitive age and now, start to the noisy show!! Santa Inoue asks modern man's instinct!! A world famous as an author of "Tokyo Tribes" and "Neighbor No.13" Santa Inoue presents new survival adventure of love and sex!!

Born in Paris in 1968. In 1989, his work "Murder" won a newcomer prize on "Young Sunday Magazine" and made his debut as a cartoonist. "TOKYO TRIBE" that had been published in 1993 became the long seller like keeping still change the publisher and the sale(republished by Santastic! in 2009). And the sequel "TOKYO TRIBE2" was serialized by the fashion magazine "BOON". It was translated and published in some country in the world. It became a smash hit and was made to the animated cartoon in 2006, broadcast by WOWOW. As for it, broadcasting in the World is scheduled. 「Neighbor No.13」 was made a film and DVD out by Shido Nakamura and Shun Oguri double starring in 2005. Now, his new work "TOKYO TRIBE3" is serialized on Ollie magazine. And other new work "DAN DA BARBARIAN" is serialized on COMIC BIRZ (Gentosha) every other month now. The activity takes up various topics besides the cartoon. Wear brand "SANTASTIC! WEAR" and Toy brand "SANTASTIC! GANGU" which he produces are established, and head shop "SANTASTIC!" is opened in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2002. He loves black music, sponsors regular event "SARU NIGHT" as DJ. And he produced the CD"Drivin'wiz my homies" series (universal) and revives the New Jack Swing boom. Additionally, he is developing a wide activity not to finish installing on the frame of cartoonist as a lot of artworks such as the advertisements and CD jackets were handled.

「Dan Da Barbarian」
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/20093179


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